All videos in this site are thoroughly tested on a regular PC running Windows XP SP2 with all the latest patches and updates prior to presentation using VLC Player & Windows Media Version 10, also with all the latest updates and plugins. We do not offer technical support regarding video. It is your sole responsibility to make sure you can play the following file formats.


Because of MIME type issues on browsers as well as overall security and speed we STRONGLY recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox on our site(s). Please get your free copy today and avoid many potential headaches and frustration: GET FIREFOX NOW!

The formats we use (listed in aproximate frequency/intensity order) are:

+ mpg, mpeg
+ avi
+ wmv
+ mp4
+ divx
+ mov
+ flv
+ asf
+ mkv
+ asx
+ mpg4
+ rm
+ vob

These are the most common plugins we use that strongly recommend you to have:

+ DirectX 9.0c (Windows XP)
+ DivX codec (
+ XviD codec

- It is your responsibility to know if your computer hardware and operating system are fully capable and compatible with these file formats and plugins as well as any other standalone media players you might use. Remember that for MOV and RM you need their respective free players found at Apple Quicktime & Real Player respetively (however, both formats are barely used in our files and in fact last time we checked we only had 1 single RM file which you might even want to pass out on) For MOV (apple quicktime) we have quite a few so you might want to consider downloading your free copy ;)

- Also, a very small number of our mpg videos utilize special decoders (mpeg2) that your bundled, OEM, or standalone DVD playing programs will automatically provide. If you already have InterVideo WinDVD, Nero Showtime, CyberLink PowerDVD, etc., you are already covered and have nothing to worry about.
If you however, do not have any dvd playing software and do not even have a DVD drive in your computer you may use the above link "". Make sure you thoroughly read the info file inside this zip file as we can not offer any type of support outside what this page tells you to.

- We recommend you to have a Broadband internet connection such as DSL or Cable and although not openly recommended, Dial-up may also be used for this site.

- Finally, here is a standalone FREE media player we highly recommend. It's a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, ...) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and you can get it for just about any Operating System out there, go to -->


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